Annual Report

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When I start preparing the annual report every year a whole lot of emotions overpower me, chief of them being the profound gratefulness for all the blessings of the Lord in making another year truly satisfying and rewarding, and then feeling thankful to all the people who work harmoniously and efficiently for the success of the School.  This year has been truly spectacular in terms of the many unique achievements and distinctions that came our way.  I shall try to list the prominent among them in the course of this report.

School has a unique place in the life of an individual.  No influence is as perennial and substantial as that of the school. Quite conscious of this reality, we try our best to make school life both pleasant and productive for every student who enters our portals. We ensure that our teachers are kept abreast of the changing demands of the time. We have made some conscious decisions which are radically different from that of the traditional school.  We do not, for instance, subscribe to the antiquated dictum ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’. We believe that our business is to prepare our students for their future rather than for our past. In order that we fulfil this role effectively and well, we have put in place a host of reforms, and made our school truly student-centred. The student is the focal point of all our reforms and that has made all the difference in the school environment.

We have clear and incontrovertible evidence that a school that is student-centred alone will enable the unravelling of talents and the blossoming of the latent potentials of a child. Communication and interpersonal skills that they acquire in school go a long way to pave the way for their future success.  In this process the students and teachers are engaged in a pleasant excursion towards a certain destiny. This is the fundamental creed that governs the Little Rock Indian School.

Our primary aim is to encourage every student to be self-confident, inquiring, and tolerant and be respectful of others. We try to cultivate in them a positive attitude, and an independent mind, and become individuals with a well-rounded character who respect the differences of others. By the time he/she leaves the school, we want each of them to have that true sense of self-worth which will enable him/her to stand up for himself/herself and for a purpose greater than them, and, in doing so, to be of value to society.


We have 3222 students on roll now, of which 1454 are girls and 1768 are boys.   We have 144 teachers and 70 non-teaching staff.  We have added one more section in LKG making it seven sections, and one more section in Class XI owing to the unprecedented demand for seats in both at the entry level in LKG and in the plus two stage. This accounts for the increase in the student numbers this year.

We hope that the new Kindergarten building with all modern facilities will be ready for use in June 2013. It is estimated to cost over Rs 2.5 crores when this building is completed.  We used to have only 6 sections in LKG and UKG until last year. Now with the new building we will be able to have 7 sections and an additional section of Playschool as well.

CBSE EXAMS / Summative Evaluation

We have presented the 20th batch of Class X students and the 18th batch of Class XII in March 2012.  Our students have come out with flying colours this time as always.

Let me give you the details of the results of the 2012 Final Exams/Summative Evaluation.  This is our second batch of Class X under the new CBSE system of evaluation, popularly known as CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation).

CLASS X:          

Students appeared: 249                      Passed: 249                    Pass Percentage: 100%

127 students have secured CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) 9 and above.  This means over

50% of the students come into this level.

33 students have got the full 10 CGPA. Out of the 33, 8 students got the 10 CGPA straight and 25 got

10 CGPA with some upgrading in one or two subjects.

The grade-wise distribution is as follows:









































The students who have scored A1 in all the subjects and got 10 CGPA are eligible to receive various ‘Endowment Awards’ today.

They are also eligible for the Board’s Certificate of Merit which is awarded by CBSE on the basis of their outstanding performance of obtaining Grade A1 in all the five subjects. We congratulate these students on their achievement.


Students appeared: 53          Passed: 53            Pass Percentage: 100% First Class

Percentage-wise distribution                               Category-wise distribution

95% and above   : 05 students                               Distinction     : 41 students

90% to 95%          : 13 students                                First Class       : 12 students

80 to 90%             : 23 students                            

70 to 80%             :  11 students                           

65 to 70%             :  01 student

Shashanka S. Rao with 98% and Eric Clive R with  96.4% marks aggregate have scored the highest marks in the School, in the Biology and Computer Science combinations respectively.  Shashanka S Rao needs a special mention here as the student who scored the highest marks in Class XII in the history of the School. We congratulate him most heartily on this remarkable achievement.

We congratulate Eric Clive on his achievement. We wish them both well in their future endeavours.  They will also receive the Endowment Awards today.

CBSE National Merit Certificates

Five students of Class XII have received the most coveted National Merit Certificate awarded to the students who come to the highest category of 0.1% at the national level in a subject. This is the highest level of achievement in the CBSE system. Shashanka S Rao in Maths and Physics and Rajat R Hande in Physics have received the Certificate of Merit from CBSE.  We congratulate both Shashank and Rajat, on their remarkable achievement and wish them well. 

Unique Achievements

2012 has been a truly blessed year for us. It has brought unprecedented success to our children in so many different prestigious events at the State level and even at the National Level.  Let me name some of them. 

Verbattle 2012 – Little Rock emerged champions in the Junior Category of the prestigious State-level English debate competition, held in August.  Shivani L. Shenoy and Annapoorna Chakrabarty of Class X formed the winning team of this mega event which concluded in Bangalore.  They won a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh and a championship trophy.  They received the awards from Dr. Sadhana Parashar, the Director, Academics of CBSE, New Delhi.

Rural IT Quiz – Swastik Udupa and Abhishek Rao of Class X are the Winners of State Level Rural IT Quiz this year.  They also emerged the Runners up at the National Level Rural IT Quiz conducted by the Govt of Karnataka and Tata Consultancy Services and held at Bangalore in October. They won a cash prize of Rs 50,000 and a championship trophy.  They received the honours from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India.

Another spectacular victory was that of Gagan G Goankar of Class Vwho  won the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs 2012 a State-level Singing Competition organized by the ZEE Kannada Television.  He won a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh and a championship trophy.

I am sure you will want to see these five much-talked about students. You will get to see them on this stage soon during the awards ceremony.  Gagan will also be performing on stage today during the entertainment session.

If these were individual and team achievements of students, the School itself won an award from the HRD ministry of Govt of India. This is called the National School Sanitation Award. This award is given for the first time to 100 selected CBSE schools from all over India based on their performance in areas like school sanitation, drinking water provisions to students, water conservation, greenery on campus, environmental awareness campaigns among students and so on.  The Vice Principal Mrs Lali Abraham Mathew and Mrs Jolly Prashanth, the Co-ordinator, School Envt received the award on behalf of Little Rock from the HRD Minister Dr. Pallam Raju on 28th November at a glittering function in New Delhi.

Little Rock was named the Best Performing School by the Rotary Club, Udupi based on a GK Test held in December 2011.  This is the 21st successive year that this honour is bestowed on our School. 

Karthik Rao M and Aditya B Nayak of Class VIII secured the 3rd place in Hindu Young World Quiz Competition held at Mangalore.

Our School Handball Team created history by winning all the four championships for both boys and girls at the AICS Inter-School Handball Tournament for all the ICSE and CBSE schools of Udupi and DK Districts. Our Athletic team won the team championship at the AICS Annual Sports meet. 

Karthik Rao M of Class VIII got 2nd rank and Senior Group, Milind Prabhu of Class VII got 3rd rank and Anish Shripad Hebbar of Class VI of got 2nd rank in the Junior Group in the National Level  in the EMATS(Belgaum) this year.

Our Class XI and XII students won the “Overall Championship” in the Chemistry Day Competitions organized by St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.

Our students of Classes VIII to X won the “Best of Brains Championship” in the Brain Quest 2012 Competitions organized by E-Skool, Udupi for the Schools of Udupi Dist.

Our Class XI and XII students of won the “Overall Championship” at the Pre-Unique State-level Competitions organized by St. Aloysius College, Mangalore recently.

I have mentioned only the major achievements here. A full-length list will appear in the Principal’s Report to be printed in the School Yearbook.

Scholarships and Concessions 2012-13

Responding to our social conscience, we have been offering scholarships and fee concessions to our students from financially handicapped families and to the children of our staffThis year’s details of such scholarships and concessions are as follows:


a.  Fee Concession and scholarships to 34 students -(50% fee waiver in most cases, 100% waiver a few)


b.  Fee Concessions to children of lower income category staff of the campus institutions: (37 students)             


c.  Waiver of Vehicle Maintenance Contribution and Food charges to the children of faculty and staff: (118 students)


d.  Endowed scholarships: Total endowed Sum: Rs 12,94,771/- Interest at 12% p.a. to be given away as scholarships: 


TOTAL outlay during this academic year:


Library Facilities

We have three libraries, with a combined floor area of 7370 sq. ft., perhaps one of the largest school libraries in the country.  The three libraries have a combined stock of 56,649 books costing around Rs 45,93,299. The addition of the current year has been 693 books costing Rs 1,05,723. We subscribe to multiple copies of all major newspapers, magazines and journals.  Library is the confluence of great brains and our students and teachers use the resources available in the Libraries.  Many students owe their reading habit to the presence of attractive books in our Libraries. Reading habit is facing a threat from the visual media today, and this development is surely not a good one.


We have entered into a partnership with St. Aidan’s Primary School Bellinge, England with a view to promoting global awareness, and an increased understanding of the way in which global issues affect the every day lives of individuals, communities and societies.

This programme sponsored by the British Council is continuing this year as well. Reciprocal visits of teachers of both the schools will take place during February/March 2013.  We hope to send 2-3 teachers to UK and receive an equal number from UK to our School.  The finer details are being finalized.

Support to neighbouring schools

Every year on Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanthi we arrange to hand over free uniforms to children of three neighbouring schools. This year also we organized this at a cost of nearly Rs 1 lakh. We continue to lend a helping hand to the local schools through various programmes. No doubt this instils in our children the much-needed concern for one’s less fortunate brethren.

New Facilities

Four new buses have been added this academic year, costing around Rs 63.12 lakhs, taking the total no of buses to 36 as of now.

40 new computers, printers and accessories, new benches for the Mess Hall, new chairs for faculty rooms, and 13 new aqua-guard units together cost around Rs 18 lakhs. 

Faculty Training and Conferences

Teacher training programmes are an integral part of our school organization. We believe that investing in teachers is of supreme importance to keep them motivated and updated in the latest teaching methodologies.  We have long realized that the only non-depreciating resource is the investment we make on our teachers’ training. 

Mr Shaji Philip, a Fulbright Scholar of our School received a grant to visit a School in Malaysis in February 2012 and conduct a 3 day workshop for the English teachers of SMK School, Klang in Malaysia. Mrs Shanti Subramaniam an English teacher from the Malaysian school paid a reciprocal visit to our School thereafter and conducted a programme for the teachers of AICS schools.

We had an in-house training programme in May by a team led by Dr. Shailaja Shastri and her team from the Training and Research Initiatives, Bangalore. Our teachers also attend training programmes and conferences in many places from time to time. This time three of our computer faculty, viz Mrs Sona Maria Fernandes, Mr Suresh Hebbar and Mr Manoj Kumar T K were deputed to attend an International Conference in Cloud Computing’ in Bangkok, Thailand.  

Principal attended an International Conference “Unleashing new ideas for the Conceptual Age” held in Brisbane, Australia in October. He could thereafter share his learning and experience with the AICS principals of Udupi and DK Districts and also the teachers here at Little Rock.

Parents’ Involvement in Schooling

Parents’ meetings every year are a very important activity in our School. This is a truly educative endeavour where both parents and teachers get new insights into the roles they play in the life of the new generation of children whom we deal with on a daily basis.  We always get highly acclaimed experts in the field to address us on such occasions. This year’s guest speakers were Dr. Sripathy Bhat, Dr. Preeti Sinha, Dr. P.V. Bhandary, Mrs Veena Shenoy, Mrs Sapna Ganesh and Dr. Virupaksha D. These six sessions were held on two Saturdays in August as we do every year.


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow”. – Innerspace

We are beholden to the Almighty God for all the provisions, protection and benevolence we receive on a regular basis. We bow in gratitude to the Lord for blessing us abundantly during the year that is in progress.

This school was founded on faith and principles. Dr. C.T. Abraham, our Founder always insisted that we stand fast to the principles of integrity and honesty.  We have never lost sight of the noble ideals on which this institution was founded. The management of the school, represented by the trustees and members of the School Managing Committee continue to uphold the objectives of service to humanity as the sole reason. I wish to thank the Managing Trustee Dr. Roy Philip and all the trustees and members of the SMC for their trust, encouragement and co-operation at all times.

Our mainstay is the public perception of the School. It’s our old students and parents who make the school’s uniqueness known to the outside world. We owe our old students and their parents a huge debt of gratitude for the message they carry about their alma mater. Nobody can assess the worth of a school as accurately as the students who went through that school. All other claims and counterclaims have no significance in the face of the collective estimation of a school’s alumni. A few of our alumni in the software industry, mainly in the US, have been conducting an online competition for the students of Classes XI and XII to encourage their creativity in various areas.  The winners have been given attractive prizes too. This is an example of the spontaneous manner in which the alumni show their love and loyalty to their alma mater. 

We applaud the intellectual rigour and vibrancy of our teachers and their steadfast professional commitment to teaching.  The school is what it is today chiefly on account of the calibre and commitment of our faculty.  Our non-teaching staff, and staff of all the allied departments also contribute significantly for the progress of the School.  We are thankful to all of them.

Children have been the focus of this school at all times and in all the decisions of the School.  We know what is best for their future, and that exactly is what we have set out to do.  We have proved through the 30 years that Little Rock can make a difference in the life of every child that walks the portals of this School. This is possible because of the abiding love and trust of our children and their parents. We thank every one of them.

 Thank you very much.

December 08, 2012                                                                                     (Mathew C. Ninan)