Rare moments with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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Rare moments with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Dr. Abdul Kalam is one of the rarest of personalities India has seen, in recent times. Here is a man whose humility remained intact in spite of the high offices he adorned. Here’s a man who rose to heights, thanks to his sincerity, hard work and determination. He has been an eternal inspiration to young and old alike. He charmed all he met, and left an indelible impression on them by sheer force of his sincerity, childlike simplicity, and great dreams for a better India. Let me recount three occasions...

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Editorial for Footprints July 2015

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How to be alive to the world?   Having heralded a new academic year, it’s time we took some serious decisions for ourselves. New Year resolutions are notorious for their short life. So let our very first resolution be to honour every resolution we make, by practicing them as honestly as we can. One of my current concerns is the massive influence of technology on the young generation. While technology has given us many benefits, it has its negative fall-outs as well. Let me try to explain. The visual media has overpowered us so much that...

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Annual Report

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REPORT PRESENTED BY THE PRINCIPAL AT THE SCHOOL DAY FUNCTIONS HELD ON DECEMBER 08, 2012 When I start preparing the annual report every year a whole lot of emotions overpower me, chief of them being the profound gratefulness for all the blessings of the Lord in making another year truly satisfying and rewarding, and then feeling thankful to all the people who work harmoniously and efficiently for the success of the School.  This year has been truly spectacular in terms of the many unique achievements and distinctions that came our way.  I...

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December 10, 2011 (Mathew C. Ninan) Principal Dr C.T. ABRAHAM Dr C.T. ABRAHAM – HIS LIFE AND TIMES “Here is a man of God, who did nothing for himself, everything for others, and found great joy in doing so.” Cheppanalil Thomas Abraham was born in Pallipad in Alleppey Dist of Kerala on June 12, 1932. His father Mr C.I. Thomas was a school teacher, who commanded great respect in the locality. He passed away when Dr. Abraham was barely eight years old. Thus it was his mother who brought him up. His mother Mrs Mariamma Thomas was a...

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‘Soliloquies of a Principal’

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‘Soliloquies of a Principal’ – Book by Little Rock Principal released A book by Prof. Mathew C. Ninan, Principal of Little Rock Indian School, Brahmavar was released by Dr. K. Ramnarayan, Vice Chancellor of Manipal University. The book entitled “Soliloquies of a Principal” is in fact a compendium of select articles on school education written by Prof. Mathew C. Ninan. Dr. Ramnarayan while releasing the book lauded the efforts of Principal Ninan in penning down his insightful thoughts, which are both timely and...

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