Annual Report 2021-22

Annual Report- 2021-2022

I have great pleasure in presenting to you the Annual Report of Little Rock Indian School for the Academic Year 2021-2022. This year was a challenging one for us. After a gap of over 18 months, all our students were back to school and our teachers had a very tough time in bridging the gap of learning. With great contentment I can affirm that we have been able to bring our children back to the rhythm of learning. All praise to the dedication and hard work of the teachers.

Apart from preparing the children for academic demands, we give emphasis in preparing our children to face the challenges of the competitive world. It is a matter of great significance to us that the students who pass out from our School be well disciplined and carry forward the values they have inherited and excel in life, being role models in the society.

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our learning environment allows every student to prosper as individuals.  Excellence is our expectation too. Our priority is not just subjects, instead we aim at a Holistic education focussing overall development of our students. Equal opportunity is given to every student and our inclusive environment supports every student.  We also value our relationships; we are closely connected to our staff, students, parents, alumni and all our stake holders and well wishers. 

This year too, we couldn’t conduct our much celebrated Annual Days owing to the restrictions due to Covid-19. Hence, this Report couldn’t be presented. It is hereby presented as you must be keen to know the happenings in Little Rock.


1.India School Merit Awards 2021

 Little Rock Indian School is ranked No.1 in India under the Top Day-cum- Boarding Schools– Parameter wise for Holistic Education in a survey conducted by Education Today. The selection pattern is below:

Top Schools & Pre-School in ‘International, Boarding, Day cum Boarding, CBSE, ICSE, State, Boys & Girls’ category have been selected out of over 1428 Survey Forms received by Education Today team. The schools have been categorized under 15 Parameters  i.e., Academic Reputation, Teachers’ Advancement & Well-being, Co-curricular Education, Sports Education, Digital Learning Advancement, Student Advancement & Mentoring, Leadership in Quality Management, Parental Engagement, Future-Proof Learning Infrastructure, Value For Money, Community Service, Holistic Education, Psychological Well-being of Students, Individual Attention to Students & Integrated Learning. India School Merit Awards, 2021 are based on Jury Rating, Parent’s Votes (76,738 votes) & Education Today Team Analysis. I sincerely thank all the parents who participated in the survey.

2.Education World Ranking

Education World is a leading publication on education in India. Every year the magazine conducts surveys and the schools are ranked under various categories. This prestigious award is titled ISRA (Indian School Ranking Award). According to their survey we are ranked first in Udupi and fourth in Karnataka under Day-Cum-Boarding Schools category in 2021 too.


We have 3696 students on roll now, of which 1823 are girls and 1873 are boys.  We have 162 on the teaching staff and 87 on the non-teaching staff.  We maintain a teacher-student ratio of 1:23, which enables us to ensure teacher’s personal attention to the children in their care.


I am proud to report that our Classes X and XII students have brought laurels to the school by their excellent results. As always we have 100% pass in both the sections. We appreciate and congratulate the combined efforts of our teachers, students and parents. We presented the 29th batch of Class X students and the 27th batch of Class XII students in March 2021. 

Let me give you the details of the results of the 2021 exams. 

CLASS X        

Students appeared: 257                                           Passed: 257                

    Percentage-wise distribution

Category-wise distribution

95% and above     :     23 students

     Distinction      :  194 students

90% to 94.9%       :    83  students

     First Class       :    62 students

80 to 89.9%          :    88 students

     Second Class   :    01 student

70 to 79.9%          :    48 students


60 to 69.9%          :    14 students

55 to 59.9%          :    01 student

Drishya Bharath Shetty gets the highest percentage of 99.4% aggregate.

30 Students scored A1 in all Subjects at AISSE 2021

  1. Aarya Arun Vernekar
  2. Abhiram N Udupa
  3. Akshatha G
  4. Alrish Jenis Crasta
  5. Angeline Feliciana Lewis
  6. Ankith Kini
  7. Arpita Praharaj
  8. Bipin Balachandra Nayak
  9. Dhairya H Shah
  10. Dhanush Dinesh Shenoy
  11. Drishya Bharath Shetty
  12. Himani R Shetty
  13. Lakshmi Holla T
  14. Meghana Rajiv
  15. Minal Shetty
  16. Muralidhar Rao M
  17. Nidhi Umesh
  18. Pallavi Pai
  19. Prerana Rao B
  20. Rose Mary Varghese
  21. Roshel Carl Furtado
  22. Saanvi Shetty
  23. Sangvi K
  24. Sapthami Upadhya
  25. Sharanya Mady
  26. Sneha Kamath M
  27. Snehan Sanjeev Bannadi
  28. Sumanth Kamath
  29. Vinith V Shetty
  30. Viraj Krishnaraj


Students appeared: 93                                                        Passed: 93               

    Percentage-wise distribution

Category-wise distribution

95% and above      :   27 students

     Distinction     :   87 students

90 to 94.9%            :  28 students

     First Class      :    6 students

80 to 89.9%           :   32 students


70 to 79.9%            :    5 students

60 to 69.9%            :    1 student

Madhura V Rao gets the highest percentage of  98.2% aggregate in Biology and Raima Mahato gets the highest percentage of 96.6% aggregate in Computer Science.

12 students have scored A1 in all the subjects at AISSCE 2021

  1. Anirudh Gangadharan
  2. Anvitha Shetty
  3. Arya D Shetty
  4. Avni S Shetty
  5. Bindi A M
  6. Devika Prabhu
  7. Kannika S Shetty
  8. Lester Primus Lewis
  9. Madhura V Rao
  10. Muralidhar Melanta U
  11. Nibha Makkithaya
  12. Susha S Hegde

These students are also eligible for the Board’s Certificate of Merit which is awarded by the Board based on their outstanding performance and obtaining Grade A1 in all the five subjects. We congratulate these students on their achievement.


We used to begin our academic year with teacher enrichment programmes. This year, due to the pandemic, Covid-19, we only had online training programmes for our teachers. Following are some of the important programmes that we had during this academic year.

  • A workshop for teachers on Art-Integrated Learning was conducted on 24th July by Mrs. Abhilasha S, Principal of S.M.S English Medium School, Brahmavar.
  • As Prof. Samuel K. Samuel, Principal of Crossland College was retiring from service a farewell programme was arranged on 13th
  • All the staff of Little Rock Indian School participated in the Independence Day celebration. Prof. Johnson Jacob, Principal of Crossland College was the chief guest.
  • Student Enrichment Programmes were conducted for students of Classes X and XII. Dr. Judith Lewis and Dr. Robert Clive interacted with students.
  • This year’s Teachers’ Day celebration was special for us. Staff and faculty of Crossland College, India Theological Seminary and Little Rock came together under one roof and the Director of Little Rock Indian School addressed the gathering.
  • Kannada Rajyothsava was celebrated symbolically with teachers as audience and Mrs Susheela Rai as the Chief Guest.
  • Hostel students and Staff of the School participated in the Republic Day celebrations. Dr. John Thomas, Principal of Little Rock Indian School delivered the message.
  • The most solemn ceremony of Little Rock, the Commencement Day was celebrated on 8th and 9th April for Classes XII and X respectively. Prof Mathew C. Ninan addressed both the meetings.
  • We concluded this academic year with a Staff Day on 13th


FMCF was introduced last academic year in order to render a helping hand to our parents who were struck by the Pandemic. It was another humanitarian programme of Little Rock Indian School. We had a great response from our parents, alumni and well-wishers. Since many of our parents couldn’t recover from their financial loss, we extended our FMCF programme to this Academic year too. This Academic year (2021-2022) so far we received around Rs. 66,00,000 which became a great help to several parents in distress.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in the FMCF programme.


Our Birthday Fund is a source of blessing to many people.  It is our humble effort to mitigate the suffering of less fortunate fellow human beings through this fund. This year we have already given away Rs. 3,28,600/-. This amount is the generous contribution of our students and staff. Our beneficiaries include : Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra, Manasa Jyothi Trust (R), Kundapur, Liza’s Home Bangalore, Kidney Federation of India, Kerala, Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, Mumbai, etc.  We also make sure that the amount given from Birthday Fund reaches the right hands.  The ultimate intention of such a practice is to make our children understand the joy of giving and the values of compassion and charity.

Library Facilities

We have four libraries, with a combined floor area of 8770 sq. ft., perhaps one of the largest school libraries in the country.  The four libraries have a combined stock of 47,186 books costing around Rs 64,20,120/-. This year we added 413 books costing Rs 69,414/- to our stock. We subscribe to multiple copies of all major newspapers, magazines and journals. Library is an ever-inspiring place for the students and teachers of our School.


Responding to our social conscience, we have been offering scholarships and fee concessions to our students from financially handicapped families and to the children of our staffThis year’s details of such scholarships and concessions are as follows:


Special Fee Concessions to 283 students:  72,25,175/-  (50% fee waiver in most cases, 30%, 75% & 100% waiver a few)               

Fee Concessions continued to 17 students:   4,81,370/-  (50% fee waiver in most cases, 30% & 100% waiver a few)

Fee Concessions to children of lower income category staff of the campus institutions: (45 students) 12,76,750/-

Waiver of Food charges to the children of faculty and staff: (88 students) 2,81,000/-

Endowed scholarships: Total endowed Sum:  (Rs 29,83,205/-)

Interest at 6.5% p.a. to be given away as scholarships: 1,93,908/-                                                                                      

TOTAL: 94,58,203/-


This year our major investment was on 4 School Buses. The following list will give a clearer picture of this year’s investments.

  1.   4 New Buses                                                 –            1,40,00,000.00

  2    Solar   Panel                                                 –             52, 32,250.00

  3.   Water Cooler                                                 –                 66,161.00  

  4.   Computer Purchase                                       –                1,42,839.00

  5.   Ceramic Green Chalk Board                           –                   62,799.00

 Total                                                                       1,95,04,049.00 


  • Aradhya S Shetty of Class V F has received the Udupi District level Kannada Rajyothsava award in recognition of special achievement in the field of Art.
  • Aarush Poojary of V C received 1st Place in EL 4 level in the State Level Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition.
  • Nakshatra N of Class V D received ‘Karnataka Kala Puraskara’ for Art by Dr. Shivaram Karanth Trust.
  • Sanvi Rajesh of VI G has secured 2nd Place Certificate of Merit in the International Bharathanatyam Competition
  • Suhan S Shetty of Class IX D won first place in the State level online painting competition on the theme, ‘Use of Science for a Sustainable Future’ organized by the Karnataka State Council of Science and Technology.
  • Pearl Andrea D’Souza of Class X G secured first place in English Elocution at District Level National Youth Parliament Festival 2022, conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India for youth in the age group of 15 to 29 years.
  • Little Rock team won various prizes in `Pre-Unique – 2021 – right minds’ (online)   held at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore for Pre-University Science students and secured “Overall Championship”.
  • Chinmayee Bhat of Class XII A has won First Place in the online Patriotic Singing Competition organized by AICS.
  • Janki D V of Class IX F secured several prizes in Bharathanatyam including SIFF Young Artiste National Award.


 I take this opportunity to thank the SMC especially our Director Prof. Mathew C. Ninan and Deputy Director Mrs Lali Abraham Mathew for their guidance and support. It is their visionary, inspiring and encouraging leadership that help us continue in our expedition to excellence in the field of education.

My heartfelt gratitude to the Vice Principals, Head Teachers, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, Well Wishers and Patrons of the School for their  constant support and guidance.

I thank the Almighty for all the blessings and for guiding us through these forty years.

Let me conclude this Annual Report with an inspiring quote from William Shakespeare;

Time is very slow for those who wait

Very fast for those who are scared?

Very long for those who lament

Very short for those who celebrate

But for those who love, time is eternal,

Thank You

11-04-2022                                                                                 Dr. John Thomas