Transfer Admissions

Application forms for UKG to Class X will NOT be issued across the counter.

Moratorium on Transfer Admissions

A moratorium on new transfer admissions has become inevitable this year as we do not expect vacancies in most classes. Application forms will be issued only if vacancies arise..

Age on admission: A child should have completed five and a half years by May 2024 while seeking admission to Class 1. The same will be the basis for calculation of age for admissions to higher classes as well. However, the age of entry is subject to the Government’s directives from time to time. There will be a change of entry age with effect from 2025-26.  It is notified in the Prospectus. Parents shall be aware of this situation.

Admission to Class XI: A candidate who has completed the All India Secondary School Examination, conducted by the CBSE, Delhi or its equivalent like ICSE, SSLC is eligible for admission, provided he/she has a consistently good academic record. A Test may be administered for students from outside.

Admission to Classes X and XII:  Only CBSE students are eligible for admission to Classes X and XII.  If there are vacancies, admissions will be made on the basis of an Entrance Test. All other conditions are as per CBSE norms.

Classes XI and XII Curriculum

The School offers the Science stream in Classes XI and XII. The following are the subjects available.


Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology or Computer Science (Electives)

Transfer Certificates countersigned by the education authorities concerned should be submitted at the time of admission

A note of caution to parents:Parents of children who might seek admission, particularly to Classes IV and above should know that CBSE curriculum is quite demanding, and unless a child has a certain acceptable level of previous knowledge, independent learning skills and inner motivation to learn, it is not advisable to transfer a child to a School like LRIS.

Parents who seek admission or transfer admission are requested to contact the School Office directly and are advised not to come through/with any third person.  This caution is necessitated to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the situation by collecting money purportedly for the School.  Parents are warned against such possibilities and are requested to inform the Principal if there is any such attempt from anywhere. It is once again made abundantly clear that the School does not collect any capitation fee or donation in connection with admissions.  All the fees payable are listed under “School Fees

Those who get a seat under hostel category will be asked to forfeit all payments made if their ward/s discontinue from the Hostel or School. If their children continue in the Hostel and School, the caution deposit will be refunded without interest when they complete their course of study in the School and take their Transfer Certificate.

It is also made clear that any attempt to influence the decision of the School authorities in the matter of admission will result in the disqualification of the candidate concerned.

Admission to LRIS is a privilege and not a right. The management reserves the right to deny admission to anyone without giving any reason or explanation.

Indian Languages

Every student is expected to study Kannada up to Class VIII and pass the Kannada Exam of Class VIII conducted by the School, to be eligible to appear for the Class X Examination. The State Govt has initiated a move to make the study of Kannada compulsory from Class I to X in a phased manner during the next few years.

However, a student who joins LRIS on transfer at Class VII or VIII will be permitted to continue the third language he/she studied as ‘private study’, in place of Kannada, subject to CBSE rules, and availability of staff for the setting of question papers, and evaluation. Pass in such a third language is a precondition to appear for Class X Examination.

The School offers only Hindi, in addition to English, at Classes IX and X, as of now. This is likely to undergo a change when Kannada is made compulsory up to Class X as mentioned above.


Regular attendance in classes is a condition for promotion. A student will not be promoted to the next higher class if his/her attendance falls below 80%. Exceptionally valid cases only will be condoned to a maximum extent of 15% shortage.

The School follows a five-day (Monday to Friday) week schedule. The school timings are from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. There will be no regular classes on Saturdays and Sundays. However, there will be activities like Cubs, Bulbuls, Scouts, Guides, NCC, Sports and Games, Subject Clubs, Remedial Teaching etc. on Saturdays.

Evaluation, Promotion

It is the policy of the School not to fail a student as far as possible. At the same time a student who has not acquired the necessary skills to study in a higher class may not be promoted.

LRIS is interested in providing additional possible facilities for slow or weak learners to acquire the needed skills if parents co-operate with the School in this regard. However, the School strongly discourages the practice of excessive home work, rote-learning, special tuition etc.