Two-wheelers, a parental nightmare

Most parents face a huge dilemma when their children, particularly their sons turn teenagers. One of the items on the youngsters’ wish-list is a motorbike. They keep reminding their parents how they would turn 18 in the near future when they qualify to ride a motorbike. Chances are they would

Women Empowerment

Whither women empowerment?We live in an unjust world where equality of the sexes is as distant as the stars in the firmament. However, a few recent developments seem to augur well in an otherwise cul-de-sac scenario.The National Women Legislators’ Conference was held in Thiruvananthapuram recently in connection with Azadi Ka

New Generation Parenting

New Generation Parenting – Mathew C Ninan The new generation parents need a new vision Most parents of the young children of today are millennials. ‘Millennials’ is a sobriquet used for those born in the 1980s or early 1990s. They are people reaching adulthood and parenthood during this decade.Millennials are

Life and Times of Dr. C.T. Abraham

Dr. C.T. Abraham – His Life and TimesCheppanalil Thomas Abraham was born in Pallipad in Alleppey Dist of Kerala on June 12, 1932.   His father  C.I. Thomas was a school teacher, who commanded great respect in the locality.  He passed away when Dr. Abraham was barely eight years old.  Thus


December 10, 2011 (Mathew C. Ninan)Principal Dr C.T. ABRAHAM Dr C.T. ABRAHAM – HIS LIFE AND TIMES “Here is a man of God, who did nothing for himself, everything for others, and found great joy in doing so.” Cheppanalil Thomas Abraham was born in Pallipad in Alleppey Dist of Kerala