LITTLE ROCK launched its historic career in 1982, when it started the Kindergarten classes with just 72 students on roll. It is a composite school from Playschool and LKG to Class XII. With over 3794 students and around 165 teachers now, it is one of the largest English Medium Schools in the State, with a healthy teacher-student ratio of 1:22. The School has consciously limited the student intake to the present numbers though there is a lot of pressure for admission.

Little Rock is a household name in this part of the country today. This institution is the result of the divine vision of a great man – Dr. C.T. Abraham, the Founder of Little Rock and other institutions on this campus.

Chanthar was a tiny hamlet, and Brahmavar itself was a small town. An English Medium School affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in such a locale was an unlikely prospect way back in 1982, but it happened. Thus Little Rock was born and the rest is history.

The School has grown into one of the largest schools in Karnataka State. It is not just in its physical proportions that it has grown, but also in terms of its standing in the academic world. Little Rock stands tall as one of the finest educational institutions in the country.

Its infrastructure is surely one of the best that one can imagine in a school. Simple and functional structures are the hallmark of Little Rock. Complementing the facilities is the highly qualified and committed faculty. The school climate is unique in that the student-centeredness is manifest in every aspect of the School. Decidedly student-friendly, the School has lived up to its reputation as a ‘school with a difference’.