Fee Structure

The first installment of fees for the academic year is payable on or before 5th May in respect of all students on roll. The Tuition fees as shown in this Prospectus are payable at the Banks, and the triplicate of the chalan is to be submitted at the Office when coming to collect Text books, the dates for which will be intimated through a circular to the present students.

Those seeking fresh admissions will be advised on mode of payment, dates etc. in the selection intimation, sent by the Office.

Subsequent payments can be made on or before 5th of every month. Fee collection is done through Bank. Over 100 branches of the Canara Bank and Union Bank of India  of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada (Mangaluru) districts, and neighbouring districts will accept the School fee payments. The list of branches is shown as Appendix 1 at the end of this Prospectus. The paying-in-slips (chalans) for this purpose will be issued at the time of admission by the School Office. The ICICI Bank and AXIS Bank also accept fee payments in all their branches within the country.

The “Triplicate” of paying-in-slips (chalan) must be sent to the School Office promptly every month. Parents may deposit the “Triplicate” in the boxes provided in School buses from 1st to 10th of the month or send it by post.

Parents shall keep the “Quadruplicate” safely with them for that is their receipt and proof for having made the remittance. No separate receipt will be issued by the School Office for remittance through Bank.

While online payments are also permitted, it’s important that a bank receipt / counterfoil is sent to the School Office.  While making online payments, the student’s Name, Class and Roll No. must be clearly mentioned.  Without these, the School Office will not be able to identify the remitter.

Payment by Demand Draft is acceptable only from parents who do not have chalan facility in their neighbourhood. The Demand Drafts should be sent by Registered Post or Speed Post to reach the School Office by the due date. DDs must be drawn in favour of  “Little Rock Indian School” payable at the Canara Bank, Priority Highlands, Brahmavar. DDs may also be drawn payable at Brahmavar/Varambally branches of Union Bank of India, Canara Bank or State Bank of India. Cheques will not be accepted.  Demand Drafts drawn on Banks not mentioned  above, and on outstation branches will not be accepted.

The School welcomes payments on or before the due date. Late payments are strongly discouraged as it causes a lot of problems. Parents shall take care to remit the correct amount and add late fee if paid after the due date as specified in Fee Rules (4.7) of this Prospectus.

If any clarification is required, parents are requested to contact the Office personally or write to the Principal.

All disputes are subject to Udupi Court Jurisdiction.

a) The due date for all payments will be the 5th of every month.

b) Late fee of Rs 5/- per day (inclusive of holidays) will be levied thereafter.

c) If the due date is a public holiday, the next working day will be considered as the due date.

d) After the 20th of the month the defaulter’s name will be removed from the rolls of the School and will be allowed to continue only after paying all dues along with a Reactivation fee of Rs 25/- over and above the late fee as detailed above.

e) Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

f) A student who attends any part of a term is required to pay the prescribed fees for the entire term.

g) If a parent wishes to discontinue School Food/School Bus facility received by his/her ward, he/she will have to inform in writing at least one month before the anticipated date of discontinuance and obtain a written permission from the Office. However, discontinuance of School Food facility is not permitted once the second term commences and discontinuance of School Bus facility is not permitted from January onwards.

h) No deduction can be claimed in School Food / School Bus facility fees for days of absence or discontinuance or mid-year vacation and Christmas holidays. 

Tuition Fees (2024-25)                                      


First Instalment

(on admission)

 11 monthly instalments

(June 2024 to April 2025)

Playschool, LKG, UKG

Rs 5500/-

Rs 4400

Classes I to IV                    

Rs 5500/-

Rs 4660

Classes V and VI               

Rs 5500/-

Rs 5060

Classes VII and VIII           

Rs 5500/-

Rs 5460

Classes IX and X               

Rs 6000/-

Rs 5720

Classes XI and XII            

Rs 6000/-

Rs 6000

Classes XI and XII students shall pay Rs 2000/- per annum towards Lab Fees. This is payable with the first installment of fees.

Those seeking first admission to the School have to pay Rs 500/- towards admission fee (non-refundable), with the first installment.

Students already on rolls, but joining LKG, Class I and Class XI have to pay Rs 500/- towards admission fee, with the first installment.

UKG students have to pay Rs 500/- towards Convocation fee, with the first instalment.

Classes X and XII students have to pay Rs.500/- towards Commencement Day programme, with the first installment.

Parents will pay Rs 15,000/- at the time of first admission towards the capital expenditure of the School. This amount is not refundable, once an admission is made.

Please note that the State Government has permitted unaided schools to collect one year’s school fees towards capital expenditure, at the time of first admission. However, taking into account the difficulties of many parents, the amount fixed as CEF is much lower than one year’s school fees.

This amount is payable by DD in favour of Priority Educational Foundation. DDs drawn on Canara Bank at Priority Highlands, Brahmavar are preferred. However, DDs on Union Bank of India, Canara Bank (both at Varambally), Bank of Baroda, State Bank of India (both at Brahmavar), Axis Bank and ICICI Bank are also accepted. This DD should not be drawn on Little Rock Indian School. DDs drawn as instructed here only will be accepted.

Playschool and KG (Lunch and milk & snack twice daily) – Rs 925/- per month (mandatory for all Playschool and KG children), payable from June 2024 to March 2025 (ten installments only).   

Classes I and above (noon meal only) – Rs 800/- per month for day-scholars who use the facility, payable from June 2024 to March 2025 (ten installments only). 

School Bus (VMC) – For those who use the facility

Rs 750/- per month for the first 5 kms, and for each additional km or fraction thereof, Rs 75/- per month, payable from June 2024 to March 2025 (ten installments only).

Note : If there is a steep hike in the price of diesel as it happens every year now, School Bus Fee (VMC) will be payable in April 2025 to offset the excess expenditure.

Certificates will be issued only on written request from the parents and required a minimum of one day’s notice. Transfer Certificates will be issued only after clearance of all dues to the School. Fees payable are as follows:

Transfer Certificate………………………..Rs 100/-

Conduct Certificate…………………………Rs 50/-

Bonafide/Fee Certificate …………………..Rs 30/-

On Admission (2024-25)

a) For new admission, payable at the time of admission

Registration and AdmissionRs 200/-
UtilitiesRs 1500/-
MedicareRs 1500/-
Refundable Caution DepositRs 3000/-

b) For present Hostellers, payable on admission day in May

Admission RenewalRs 150/-
UtilitiesRs 1200/-
MedicareRs 1500/-


a)  First installment is to be paid on admission/readmission day in May and second to tenth installments are to be paid on the 5th of each month beginning July. If the due date is a public holiday, the next working day will be considered as the due date.

b)  Late fee of Rs 5/- per day (inclusive of holidays) will be charged thereafter.

c) No deduction will be given for days of absence. No deduction can be claimed in Hostel fees for days of absence or discontinuance or mid-year vacation and Christmas holidays. 

d) Option of vegetarian mess or non-vegetarian mess must be made at the time of admission and change  thereafter is ordinarily not permitted.

e) No fee paid will be refunded except the refundable Caution Deposit which will be refunded when the pupil leaves the Hostel.  One month’s notice in writing is required for return of Caution Deposit. The original receipt has to be surrendered with the application for refund. The refund cheque will be issued in the same name as mentioned in the receipt.


Monthly fees (July 2024 to March 2025) payable by 5th of every month. Payment for June is payable at the time of admission.

Vegetarian Mess

FoodRs 4400/-
Establishment and FacilitiesRs 1500/-
Total (per month)Rs 5900/-

Non-vegetarian Mess

FoodRs 5100/-
Establishment and FacilitiesRs 1500/-
Total (per month)Rs 6600/-

Special Food (Egg for breakfast) Rs. 700/- (Payable in addition to Veg or Non-Veg bill, if opted).

A School like LRIS needs large sums of money for its developments. The fee collected is not sufficient even to meet the recurring expenditure. Yet no capitation fee is collected. Hence parents who can afford are encouraged to contribute to the School Development Fund.

It should, however, be noted that the admission of the child is in no way connected with the above. Further, a parent who helps the School in any manner mentioned above shall not expect any special favour.